Dan Voell on the Web

Life is complicated, websites don't need to be. I've had a few large sites get hacked and figured life would be more sustainable with a static html site. If any of these concepts resonate with you reach out at myname a.k.a. root domain @ gmail. I love startup discussion.


Midwest Label Supply

Small label and die cutting business focused on short run prime labels for specialty food and beverage companies.


Shine Medical

SHINE’s advanced accelerator technology enables a high-yield Mo-99 production process that is safer, cleaner, more reliable, and more sustainable and fits seamlessly into the existing Mo-99 supply chain.


Explore America Tax Credit

SEO Fun Test. I run a lot of websites. I like testing SEO concepts

PAUSED - This project was put on hold

Security Tokens

Exploring the idea of what programmable securities on the blockchain could do for asset and equity ownership. Contact me if also interested in the topic.