First Eucharist

Photo Credit: Kate Jurgens

At St. Robert, the preparation for First Eucharist is done in an all-parish program involving families whose children attend parochial school and those whose children attend public school.  It is a family-centered program in which parents play a very important role in their child’s formation.  It consists of three major components:

I. Large Group Preparation Sessions
Preparation sessions require the participation of both the children and their parents.  Instructions and formation are provided at that time.

II. Home Study Materials
Much of the spiritual preparation for the sacrament is to be done by the families themselves.  The idea is to help families create opportunities to pray, to discuss and to do activities that nurture their children’s faith.

III. Liturgical Celebrations
The culmination of this preparation processes is the celebration of the sacrament at a regular weekend liturgy on May 5 or 6, 2018 (with the exception of the Sunday, 5:30 pm Mass).  It is important for parents to consider that, while their child’s first celebration of the Eucharist is important, it is just as important 
that their children view this as just the beginning of celebrating this sacrament regularly.

First Eucharist  Preparation Schedule for 2018-19

For more information contact:
Religious Education Coordinator
Jennifer Reisel